Affiliates Working With Us!!!

CPA Prospect!

New prospects, new ideas!

We love to be the best from the market but for this to take place we need something new to give to our affiliates, so just look carefully on what "prospect" means for us, and what exactly do we offer you !!!

  1. Weekly & Daily Payments!
    Affiliates with excellent traffic content will receive weekly payments and super affiliates who manage to earn more than $1000 in a single day, will receive the payments next day, so earn as much as you can and receive payments more faster than in other affiliate network existing on the market!!!
  2. Paypal, Western Union & Direct Deposit!
    We want to pay you faster and easier than in other affiliate networks and for this reason we have many payment options, options like paypal, western union & direct deposit. In a very short time, neteller and payza will also be available to cash-out your earnings!!!
  3. Incentive & Non-Incentive Offers!
    The number one reason that define a powerful affiliate network is the offers. In CPA Prospect you will find the best offers from the market, guaranteed... Incentive & non-incentive, mobile and desktop platforms, all offers are in here.
  4. 24/7 Support!
    In a trusted affiliate network, quick and correct response are so, so important. That's why we have the best client / affiliate support ever, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, someone will always be there for you, email, phone and Skype available!!!
  5. Young & Dedicated Team!
    The young and dedicated team as the title says, are here for you, day and night. If you have any problem, just contact us and our team will do anything to repair that issue!!!
  6. Seriousity & Honesty!
    All affiliate networks promise seriousity and honesty, but how many of them respect their promises? At we fulfill what we promise... Don't believe us? Just try our network and you will see the big differences!!!

                                                                                                                               A sample of our offers!

Incent - Mobile:

Destiny child Android KR - incent - (CPI) - $1.80
Onousa Android Arab Emirates - Incent - (CPI) - $0.78
Olx - Android, AR - Incent - (CPI) - $0.80

Non-incent - Mobile:

YILONG iOS CN - (CPI) - $1.90
Audible - IOS , US (CPI) - $1.60
EzbuyASG iOS (CPI) - $2.00

Incent - Desktop:

Totally Free: Swiffer PC US (Incent) - $2.50
Flixplayer United States PC - $1.50
Flash Player PC Multiple Countries - $2.00

Non-incent - Desktop:

Video Player PC Multiple countries - $3.50
Mona Luisa PC DE - $2.00
BullGuard PC US - $4.50